artisan cheese company

Come and make Artisan cheese !

October 1, 2016
2:00 – 6:00pm

We will be making one aged cheese and one fresh cheese.  You get to take home your own wheel!  Call to reserve your spot or spots for you and your friends.

 (206) 240-1265

1 person $145.
2 people $250.
3 people $330.
4 people $400.

Hey, I am The Neighbor Lady & We Make Delicious Artisan Cheese in Seattle!

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Our Artisan Cheese offers a lot of variety for any cheese lover.  The process used to make our cheese is done through small batches, all by hand.  This is what makes our Artisan Cheese some of the best.  Great attention is paid in every step and process of our homemade cheese making.  This makes our gourmet cheese noticeable different from the rest.  Our techniques have been passed down from generation to generation and date back to 1865.  It is over these many years that we have been able to skillfully perfect out Artisan Cheese making process to what it is today.
Whether you are looking for a healthier version of cheddar to use on your burger or want to pick up a variety of gourmet cheese we have a number of options for you.  Our homemade cheeses are made with the freshest and best ingredients.  From Swiss to Gouda we have the Artisan Cheese for you and your family!

Seattle Artisan Cheese
Seattle Artisan Cheese
You will love our Artisan Cheese that has been home made since 1856
Freshest Ingrediants
Freshest Ingrediants
Feel free to read about us, look around, shop and order some handmade cheese with only the freshest of ingredients
Delicious Cheese You Cant Resist
Delicious Cheese You Cant Resist
The freshest homemade cheese in America.